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"Shootout Tournament"

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Terms and conditions

2 Ball - “FREE FOR ALL”

This “Shootout Tournament" will accommodate 36 players. The tournament registration will be held prior to the event. Guests are required to be present at 2:00 PM on the day of the event to hold their seat in the first round. There will be a sign in sheet on the day of the event for any remaining seats, the seats will be issued on a first come first serve basis. The rules that govern the tournament have been established as:

Article 1. Location, Duration, and Attendance Requirements

1)      The 2 Ball “FREE FOR ALL” Tournament will be held at Center Stage Alabama on the 16th day of August 2017 at 2:00 PM.

2)      Participation in the Tournament means acceptance of these rules.


Article 2. General Terms and Conditions of 2 Ball Tournament

1)      Entrants must be 19 years of age or older to participate.

2)      During the Tournament rules can be modified to suit the event being played.

3)      The table number and seat number shall be assigned to players in a drawing prior to the commencement of the tournament. Players will not be allowed to trade seat assignments.

4)      Each player shall be obliged to participate in each spin as long as he/she possess enough chips to make a minimum chip play.

5)      All players must play 20 chips per spin.

6)      All tournament chips must remain in full view of the tournament staff and players at all times. Chip lending, borrowing, or exchange between players shall be forbidden. Noncompliance shall result in the player being disqualified.

7)      A player may never touch another players chips. If a chip falls on the floor the Supervisor/Manager will retrieve it.

8)      Coaching of participants is not allowed.

9)      No written or electronic aids are permitted during the tournament session. No mobile phones or communication devices are permitted; iPod, headsets, etc.


Article 3. The Rules for Individual Competition

1)      A total of 5 qualifying rounds will be played.

2)      There will be 5 players at each table, totaling 15 players during qualifying rounds.

3)      There will be one semifinal round The semifinal round will have the 15 players that won their tables during the qualifying rounds. The top three chip holders from the semifinal round will progress on to the Championship round.

4)      There will be one Championship round, The Championship round will consist of the top three chip holders from the semifinal round.

5)      Each round will consist of Seven (7) calls.

6)      There will be five qualifying rounds. Each qualifying round will consist of fifteen (15) players, five players per three (3) tables. The chip leader at each table will continue on to the semifinal round.

7)      Each player will receive 100 chips and one black chip at the beginning of each round. Chips do not “roll over” at the end of each round.

8)       Each player will have 35 seconds to place their chips. Once the caller states “no more plays,” the player may not alter their chip placement. Chips will be awarded or pulled according to their placement.

9)      Placing chips after the 5 second countdown will not be accepted and the chips will be returned to the player.

10)   The blower will circulate for 35 seconds. The caller will do a 5 second countdown.

11)   Check-changes will be performed after calls and after winning chips are awarded.

12)   If two or more players have the same amount of chips at the end of a round, an extra 5 calls will be carried out to determine the tie breaker. Each guest in the tie breaker will receive 100 chips, Players will be required to place 20 chips per call.

13)   There are no chip limits.

14)   Regular table play limits will apply. No more than 20000 points on the outside, no more than 1000 points on a number inside the board (this includes splits, corners, etc.) and no more than 500 points on any seven.

15)   Only guest, competing during the rounds are allowed to be seated at the tables during tournament play.


Article 4. Winner’s Potential Prizes

1st place will be awarded 50000 points.

2nd place will be awarded 20000 points.

3rd place will be awarded 10000 points.

4th place will be awarded 6000 points.

5th place will be awarded 4000 point.


The winning points will be added to the players account. Bingo cards will not be issued during the “FREE FOR ALL” tournament.


Article 5. Miscellaneous

1)      By entering the 2 Ball Tournament all entrants agree that Center Stage Alabama may use their name and photograph for promotional/marketing purposes.

2)      GOOD LUCK!