Center Stage Entertainment's most popular event ever is BACK for another year. Join us every Saturday March - May as contestants sing their hearts out for a chance to win the $15,000 GRAND PRIZE.

We only have 234 spots left open for applicants this year so hurry and fill out an application NOW! Be sure to include recordings of yourself singing to set you apart!

Open/Filled Spots

This chart is updated everyday with the current information we have on avaliable slots
Titans of Talent 2017 - Information
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Titans of Talent 2017 - Music
Every Saturday for 12 weeks we will have 1 qualifying round. Each round has 20 contestants picked from the applicants. At the end of the night 1 of the 20 contestants will become that nights winner and will be invited to the Grand Finale on May 27th. Pick the week that works best for you!
Please write in the song title and Artist of the 1st song that you will sing in front of the judges. ALL SONG CHOICES ARE FINAL.
Please write in the Song Title and Artist of an alternative song that you would be able to sing in front of the judges.
Tell us about yourself and how music has made an impact in your life:
Do you have any videos or sound files of your singing prowess? Leave it here, applicants with amazing voices will fly ahead of other applicants. If you would like to send us an email with the file attached you can reach us at
If you have any questions, comments, or need any other information, please let us know below. When we get your application we will answer all of your questions.

Center Stage presents the 2017’s Titans of Talent Karaoke Contest with over $25,000 in prize money up for grabs to whoever can shine on stage! Titans of Talent is the Southeast’s Largest Karaoke Contest. This is a 13 week competition with only 240 spots available so sign up now before the slots are filled! There will be $500 weekly winners and a $15,000 grand prize. It all begins Saturday March 4th at 8pm and continuing every Saturday Night through the Grand Finale on May 27th inside the Yellow Rose Theater at Center Stage in Dothan, Alabama.


1.  This will be a THIRTEEN week contest, consisting of twelve weeks of qualifying rounds followed by the Grand Finale during week                  thirteen. The contest starts Saturday, March 4th and runs every consecutive SATURDAY through May 27, 2017. 
2.  Each qualifying round is limited to 20 contestants
     •   In order to be considered as a qualifying contestant, participants must send in the entry form completed via our website and/or                    direct email. Participants are encouraged to send in headshots, videos, mp3, and/or audio clips to enhance their chances of being                selected to compete. Every singer has the same opportunity to send in a video submission. All submissions received do NOT                        guarantee a place in the qualifying rounds. Our staff will contact the chosen submissions. Please be sure to provide a correct contact          number and email address
3.  Contestants MUST list their 2 chosen songs on the entry form in order to be considered as a qualifying contestant. These songs will be        locked in and cannot be changed, unless otherwise contacted and informed. First song listed will be intended for qualifying first                  round. Second song listed will be known as alternate song
4.  Contestants MUST arrive 1 hour prior to start time on the day of the contest to ensure all info is correct. During this time, contestants will      take headshots for the competition, specify the order of the chosen songs, and fill out any remaining paperwork
5.  In the event the registered contestant is unable to attend or be present 1 hour before start time, the contestant will lose their slot and          we will call on our backup contestants. NO EXCEPTIONS
6.  The first 10 contestants will perform their chosen song for the first hour of the event and we will then take a 15 min break. The next 10          contestants will perform and we will have another 15 min break while the judges tally up scores for the final round. The top 5 highest            scored contestants will then perform their 2nd song. Judges will then break to tally the final scores. The winner, 2nd runner-up and              3rd runner-up will then be announced


1.  Judges scoring sheets WILL NOT be viewed by anyone other than the event staff
2.  All contests will consist of a three judge panel (excluding the finale on Sat, May 27th)
3.  Contestants will be judged on a maximum score of 20 points per judge
4.  Contestants will be scored on the following criteria
        •   Voice and sound quality (including rhythm and tempo as well as the individual characteristics of the                 voice)- 5 points
        •  Stage performance (the physical expression of the song in the terms of the overall visual presentation             of the performance on stage)- 5 points
        •  Entertainment value and overall performance (Individual showmanship, originality, and audience                          appeal)- 10 points    
5.  After the top 5 highest scored contestants are chosen to sing their 2nd song, judges will add the 1st and         2nd performance scores together to indicate and announce the weekly winner, 2nd runner-up and 3rd               runner- up
6. In the event there is a tie or any other unspecified situation occurs, there will be a 4th judge on standby           who’s score sheet will be pulled if need be
7. Prizes will be awarded at the end of the competition, therefore contestants must be present to receive            their prize      


•   The Weekly first place winners will receive a cash prize of $500 and be invited to the Grand Finale on May 27th
•   2ND place weekly runner ups will receive 10,000 in Free Point Credit
•   3RD  place weekly runner ups will receive 5,000 in Free Point Credit

1.  Contestants must be 19 years of age or older and       subject to the terms and conditions as required           below
2.  All participants MUST have a 2017 Entry Form                   completed, which will contain a statement of               eligibility, as well as a permission waiver for                 publicity releases
3.  All contestants must be solo artists who hold no     signed contracts as a singer and does not have a         recording contract of any sort
4.  Contestants cannot have any relation with                    judges nor have any relation to any current                Center Stage employees
5.  All Judges’ decisions are FINAL
6.  Contestants, their family or associates are not            allowed to have contact with a contest guest              judge before or during any contest connected            with Center Stage
7.  Contestants, their family or associates who                    exhibit offensive behavior or language during any      portion of the contest will disqualify that                    contestant from further competition. Offensive          behavior includes poor sportsmanship, bad                    manners, and lack of decorum
8.  Songs cannot be lewd or vulgar and no racial              slurs or any use of profanity; we reserve the                right to disqualify an entrant or stop any                      performance we feel is inappropriate; examples:            removal of clothing, jumping from the stage,                damaging equipment, etc. will result in immediate          disqualification
9.  All performances are limited to one song per                contestant (unless otherwise specified) 
10. The competition is open to any genre of music
11. Performers will remain on stage during their                entire performance
12. Contestants may sing the same song as another            contestant
13. In the situation there is a malfunction of                        equipment, the contestant will be allowed to              start over per his/her request; examples: loss of        mic or digital malfunction
14. Any contestant guilty of distracting, insulting or      confronting another contestant or an audience        member will be disqualified
15. No live instruments at this event; any on stage              props and/or stage act must be approved by event      staff before performance
16. In the event any Center Stage equipment is                      damaged, contestant will be held accountable
17. Center Stage reserves the right to make the final        decision regarding a participant’s eligibility over        and above these conditions of entry. Participants        may be asked to sign legal documents and provide      proof of eligibility. Any situation, dispute or                  problem not specifically covered by these rules          will be handled at the discretion of management.        Management reserves the right to alter, change          or amend these rules at any time in the best                    interest of the contest
18. Decisions made by the Karaoke Coordinator or the      Center Stage staff are final and NOT negotiable
19. All rules for the Titans of Talent Karaoke                      Contest are subject to change without notice.            While we attempt to keep you up to date of any              changes via the Center Stage website, these                    changes may occur at any time


Contest Dates

Round 1   - Saturday, March 4
Round 2   - Saturday, March 11
Round 3   - Saturday, March 18
Round 4   - Saturday, March 25
Round 5   - Saturday, April 1
Round 6   - Saturday, April 8
Round 7   - Saturday, April 15
Round 8   - Saturday, April 22
Round 9   - Saturday, April 29
Round 10 - Saturday, May 6
Round 11 - Saturday, May 13
Round 12 - Saturday, May 20

Grand Finale

       Saturday, May 27, 2017   

Memorial Day Weekend

GRAND PRIZE = $15,000
1ST RUNNER UP   =   $5,000
2ND RUNNER UP   =   $2,500
3RD RUNNER UP   =   $1,500
4TH RUNNER UP   =   $1,000